AON launches S.K.C. series on YouTube with over 6000 viewers and counting. Episodes #3 is wrapped and now in post production!

Welcome to AON Films, founded by award-winning Writer/Producer and Director Matthew Ross. Here you will find examples of work done by our creative teams from past years. Laugh. Cry. Enjoy.

Television Show Concepts

We have several TV series in development, including S.K.C. and other pitch packages and full scripts. We are meeting with networks and financiers. S.K.C. has become a great calling card for AON.

You will be surprised to know that the ancient practice of yoga can alleviate a multitude of your health woes!

Feature Films & Shorts

We just finished an experimental short submitted to festivals, and have two features in development. Both pitch packages and scripts are available to financiers and studios. A new Horror film is also in development.

If you thought yoga is just for those interested in slow and boring movements you are quite wrong.

Screenplays and TV Pilots

We have been hired to write features, polish scripts, and develop ideas and concepts. Recently finished a TV series pilot episode script polish.

Yoga gives you all that a gym can but in a peaceful, safe and more holistic way.

Pitch Decks & Investor Presentations

Recently, we have been hired to create PowerPoint pitch decks and investor presentations. Also just finished a video pitch deck for studio feature film project.

Yoga helps the body gently regain its flexibility by stretching out the muscles of various areas.

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