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MATTHEW MICHAEL ROSS (AKA Matthew Ross) – Biography

Matthew started his career in New York City, after attending the prestigious Purchase School of the Arts, where he studied filmmaking and writing. He went on to write and direct his first feature, “Desperation Highway,” a psychological thriller, distributed by First Miracle Pictures.

Ross moved to LA and wrote and directed his award-winning short, “Food for Thought,” nominated for the Palme D’or at the 52nd annual Cannes Film Festival and appearing at the Palm Springs Film Festival and festivals around the world.

During that time, Ross landed a position as an EPK editor for SONY Pictures, where he created impressive electronic press kits for SONY’s top feature film projects.

Matthew went on to write and direct another award-winning short, “A Package for Me,” starring Wendie Jo Sperber and David Leisure. That film won him best short film at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and was invited to Palm Springs and festivals across the world. He also directed, “Fellowship of the Dice,” a mocumentary feature starring Aimee Graham.

Ross sold several TV pitches, including two to Merv Griffin Enterprises. He sold a six-figure pitch to Universal producer Joe Singer for his Denzel Washington action thriller, “The Wrong Target,” and became a WGA writer.

Throughout his career, he has been represented by principal agencies in the business including Paradigm and Abrams Artists. Today, Matthew is busy writing and developing feature films and television series.

Below are some of his career highlights and credits.

  • Nominated for the Palm D’or at the 52nd annual Cannes Film Festival for the short film “Food for Thought”
  • Sold feature film pitch for Denzel Washington, “The Wrong Target,” to producer Joe Singer (Courage Under Fire) for a WGA contract in the low six figures against seven. Article featured in 2/14/02 issue of “Variety”
  • Sold two reality TV pitches “High School Reunion” and “The Substitute” to Merv Griffin Entertainment
  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK) editor for Sony Pictures (staff position)
  • Edited with Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, “ER”) and David Ayer (Training 
  • Speaker on various entertainment panels including Puchon Fantastic Film Festival (Puchon, Korea), Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Film Festival (Savannah, GA) and Fast Forward Entertainment Panel (Los Angeles, CA)

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Projects In Development

Summer Babes (short) – In Post, Dir. Marzia Ciacci, Exec. Prod. Matthew Ross

The Wrong Target (feature) – In re-write stage, seeking talent attachments

Untitled Reality TV Series – Pitch completed, meeting with development execs

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Credits for AON Films and Matthew Ross

Feature Films

Fellowship of the Dice (Tough Cookie Productions, 2007)

Credited as Producer and Director.

Also supervised editing and post-production utilizing Final Cut Pro and ProTools.

Desperation Highway (AON Films, 1st Miracle Pictures, 2001)

Credited as Writer, Producer, and Director.

Storyboarded and supervised all editing utilizing AVID systems.

The Golden Age of Pleasure (Ross Novie Films, 2000)

Credited as Editor. Utilized AVID systems.

Short Films/Music Videos

Food for Thought (Tomorrow Entertainment, 1999)

Credited as Writer, Producer, Director and Editor.

Nominated best short 52nd Annual Cannes Film Festival (Palme D’or).

Winner 1999 Heartland Film Festival. Utilized AVID systems for editing.

A Package for Me (AON Films/D Squared Productions, 2002)

Credited as Writer, Producer, Director, and Editor.

Winner best short 2001 Beverly Hills Film Festival

Winner 2001 Thunderbird Film Festival.

Edited utilizing Final Cut Pro

Operated camera for various 35mm segments with

DP Rob Sweeney (HBO’s “Entourage”)

Hot as the Sun (AON Films, On the Road Productions, 2001)

Credited as Writer, Director, and Editor.

Nominated best music video 2001 LA Music Awards.

Edited utilizing AVID systems.

Sunken Treasures (Treasure Entertainment, 2003)

Credited as Editor for the original music video for the band Dumfinger.

Directed by David Ayer (Training Day)

Industrials/Commercials/Reality TV

“Ultimate Insiders” (Big Vision Entertainment, 2006)

Credited as Producer and Director.

Supervised editing for this reality video series of The Hardy Boys Wrestling Team.

Supervised 5-camera interview set up.

Edited utilizing FCP.

SNAP Vintage Clothing (AON Films, 2005)

Credited as Writer, Producer, Director, and Editor.

Created four recurring commercial spots utilizing high definition (HD) cameras

Editing with FCP5. Commercials played on MTV, Comedy Central, etc.

“Comedy Clinic” (Icehouse Productions, 2005)

Credited as Editor on this reality TV pilot. FCP4.

“Sauce TV” Pilot (On the Road Productions, 2004)

Credited as Director and Editor for series pilot

and all trailers and presentations.

Edited utilizing FCP.